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A nice Gibson A3 (1919) that was owned by a customer's husband that passed away; this was in his collection. Really in great shape: tight seams, no cracks or the dreaded "Gibson Shrinkage". The finish had been previously buffed smooth on the body/sides, OHSC included. Work performed at our shop was a set-up, action, adjusted intonation. Congratulations Jeff and welcome to the world of Vintage Gibson Mandolins!

  •  Full front

    Full front

  •  Peghead


  •  With OHSC

    With OHSC

  •  3/4 Front View

    3/4 Front View

  •  Full Back

    Full Back

  •  Full Side View

    Full Side View

  •  Side with Pickguard/Clamp

    Side with Pickguard/Clamp

  •  Across Front

    Across Front

  •  Back of Neck/Peghead

    Back of Neck/Peghead

Our Prototype Octave Mandolin.
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